BasicCAT is an open source computer-aided translation tool, which aims at providing a simple and useful tool for translators. The name is BasicCAT, because of its simplicity and its programming language—Basic. Basic is easy to learn and everyone can build a suitable CAT tool based on BasicCAT’s source code.

It has the following features:

  • Translation Memory
  • Terminology Management
  • Language Check
  • Select words to get meanings
  • Quickfill
  • AutoCorrect
  • Interactive Machine Translation
  • Export Word for external review
  • Export bilingual paragraph files
  • Export to markdown with notes
  • Merge and split segments freely
  • Online Dictionaries Integration
  • Support Machine Translation Services Provided by Google, Microsoft, etc.
  • Pretranslate based on translation memory and machine translation
  • Support common file formats: TXT, idml, xliff, gettext Po
  • Support three translation standards: TMX, TBX and SRX
  • Sharing translation memory and term online
  • Version Control and Collaboration Using Git